Gazebo, running water fall, blooming flowers.

Boberg Gazebo with water fall.

Tim and Roxanne use the landscaped grounds around their home for entertaining and personal pleasure. They enjoy the privacy and tranquil peacefulness provided by the variety of flowers and trees blended with special nodes. A casual walk around the outside edges of the home is a visual treat with bursting, blooming flowers along a serpentine stone path.

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The water feature is one of the most beautiful and intricate in Mountain Village. Starting high on the west elevation, the water wistfully pours down in a cascading spill before running toward the Gazebo. Colorful flowers and lush green vegetation line the banks of the water as it goes under the Gazebo bridge. As you walk over the bridge, you can see the water spilling down into the lower pool of cool shade, trees and carefully placed plants.
The clients are very in touch with nature and wished to have access to the outdoors on all sides of the 23,000 square foot residence. The addition of an extensive patio with the water feature running from the edge of the home to the newly designed Gazebo space, boarders the north edge of the main patio. Entertainment on the patio is enclosed on two sides by the home and open to lush flowers, running water, pine trees, aspen trees and the San Sophia Mountain Range views. A Labyrinth, closely modeled after a 15th Century Chartres France Labyrinth, is accessed via a double stone staircase, overlooked by two Buddha bust, aligned with tranquil garden shrubs, trees and grass.


15thCentury French Labyrinth used as a model.

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