“My taste are simple.   I am easily satisfied with the very best”                  Winston Churchill

“….without damaging my clients budget”  Gerald Ross.  


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Gerald Ross has been a registered architect in Colorado since 1994.  He is a native of Eugene, Oregon and alumni of the University of Oregon.  Moving to New York City in 1983, he practiced architecture with many notable architectural firms for ten years.  Most notable is FAIA Edgar Tafel, Frank Lloyd Wright’s right hand man for nine years.  In concluding the NYC experience, he worked for Ehrenkrantz & Eckstut Architects on the “Circle Center” project in Indianapolis, Indiana.  See the link below:

Circle Center Mall, Downtown Indianapolis ,

Gerald moved to Telluride, Colorado in 1993.  While practicing architecture in Telluride, Gerald Ross, Architects has completed projects for a US Cabinet Member, celebrities, CEO’s and professionals.    Since the opening of the new Aspen office, project designs have been completed in Aspen, Snowmass Village, Starwood and Brush Creek.

” I have formed a team of experts that subscribe to ethical and honest practices to give our clients a beautiful home without any inflated cost earmarks.  My team, which includes a structural engineer, surveyor, contractor, craftsmen and a professional interior designer, are known not only for their highest quality work but also for their honesty and integrity.  I want to design well thought out projects that are sophisticated, endure the elements and consist of low maintenance materials and cost.  
I can offer you excellent quality architectural design that is tested and trusted at a fair, affordable fee. “

I will match any competitive fee without sacrificing my general services ” 

“Let’s work together designing your home.  Most important, let it be a satisfying experience for all…”
Gerald Ross.

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