Erie Residence Recommendation




Many elements of building in San Miguel County in 2020-23 have been troublesome for us, from getting an out of county team to clear the asbestos out of the derelict old house on the property before demolition to getting final structural plans from an over committed engineer, but Gerald Ross has truly been a bright and steady light!  Here are just a few highlights….

First, of course, is that we like the way Gerald Combines wood, big steel and space.  Next, his design works well with our not large site, not just the orientation of the building but usage of the spaces within to minimize the influence of traffic and neighbors.  Last, and quite important, is that Gerald has been excellent in taking our thoughts into account as we progressed through plan refinements.  And when our ideas are less than brilliant, he is endlessly patient and not at all condescending in explaining why.  This is likely to be out last build but if we do have another major project, we would think first of Gerald and his bright and steady light.

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Kathleen Erie and Harry Hartman.