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To whom it may concern,

Jerry has been working with us designing a cabin near Lake City on Lake San Cristobal in Colorado. Our project is a challenge as we want the structure built on a significant slope and we have to comply with Home Owners Association (HOA) rules. Additionally, we want a mining inspired structure in keeping with the history of the area.

When we first met Jerry, it was on site and it was immediately apparent that he listened to everything we had mentioned on the phone. He arrived to our first meeting with extraordinary “rough” drawings and a pile of research books on mining structures. He added a water tower to our design, beautiful, functional and inspired. He walked the lot extensively and talked about the foot print position to take in the morning sun, lake view, the light through the trees… His training under Edgar Tafel, Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice, shined as he virtually fit the structure into the mountain side with the least impact to the environment and established trees. He is passionate about his craft and an expert at the technical elements of design as well as aesthetics. He knew what part of our dreams could be engineered and what and how we had to compromise. Within a short week of the meeting, we had what we considered near perfect plans.

Jerry has taken charge of communicating with everyone involved in the project including structural engineers, soil sample specialists, and the HOA. The HOA has been a challenge as the group denied the plans based on lack of understanding. Jerry spent an hour on a conference call in the evening to educate the HOA members about both the structure and indeed, some of their own covenants. He fought for us to get the plans unanimously accepted when we were all but ready to give up. He has researched and interviewed local builders and recommended several for us to choose from. Not a convenient task, living and working 4 hours away in Telluride. Jerry keeps us in the loop with attached correspondence in his frequent update emails. He corresponds with our son who lives in Boston knowing we require his input too. Our son has been treated as a respected contributor by Jerry and we appreciated that.

He really works hard to incorporate our opinions regarding every aspect desired in the design, meticulously so, we wanted to be as green as possible, to use recycled building materials and barn boards, we wanted closets and storage and windows and the perfect kitchen, loft, sleeping porch. We asked the impossible and got it. His expertise lies extensively in his capacity to listen, ask relevant questions and distill from these an awesome creative design.

Without hesitation, we highly recommend G.R. Design Group, Architects. Jerry’s tremendous creativity, strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, profound and diverse knowledge of his field and Colorado make him versatile, unmatched and very likely to exceed expectations.

Bob D and Martha P.
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