Jerry Ross has asked us to compose a letter of recommendation, and it is our pleasure and honor to do so for him. Jerry and his wife have remained dear friends since our initial meeting, and we always anticipate seeing them on our returns to Telluride.

In 1997 we purchased an unfinished 3500 sq. foot penthouse condominium. We met with various architects and chose Jerry not only for his reputation within the Telluride community, but also for his creativity and visual perception.

At the time of our purchase, we were unfamiliar with where to begin with the construction, and had yet to solidify an exact vision that could be enjoyed by both my husband and I, and our children. However, Jerry’s ability to communicate and listen allowed us to create a vision we felt represented us and our three young children.

This “vision” manifested into a home that was not only visually stimulating and spoke to our exact style and taste, but it also remained a completely functional space that easily accommodated the activities and needs of our family. In fact, various parts of our
Telluride home have been featured in local Telluride real estate magazines, precisely because of Jerry’s innovative work and craftsmanship.

It is difficult to find an architect who can not only provide the artistic skills needed to create a beautiful home, but also the professionalism and dedication to implementing a plan in a timely manner. However, Jerry was able to fulfill both of these qualities in
his work.

Sincerely, Mary Fran Dempsey
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